2019 Membership Price Categories
Family Membership (Sailing) 95.00
Ordinary Member (Sailing) 79.00
Senior Cadet (16 - 18) 58.00
Junior Cadet (12 - 15) 48.00
Retired from Sailing Ordinary 32.00
Retired from Sailing Family 43.00
Social Membership (per person) 36.00
Short Term Membership up to 3 mths (per person) 31.00
Boat Registration 25.00
Road Trailers 10.00
There is a sliding scale for new members joining after the start of the year
Joining from May 1st 2/3 full subscription
Joining from Aug 1st 1/2 full subscription
Joining from Oct 1st Full Usual price subscription but includes membership fees for the following year
Renewals must be paid by January 31st after which membership will cease
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Download short term membership application form
For further membership information email membership secretary